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Myler Long Shank Combination Bit 5" Low Port Comfort Snaffle MB 04, Size: 5"

Myler Long Shank Combination Bit 5" Low Port Comfort Snaffle MB 04, Size: 5"

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Product Code: TL_89-32045



Myler Stainless Steel 7 1/2" Long Shank Combination Bit, MB 04 Low Port Comfort Snaffle, Level 2

The MB 04 is similar to the MB 02 in that it will rotate on the tongue and apply tongue pressure, however, it has a small (¼") port that introduces some tongue relief to the horse. The port allows the horse to swallow and move his tongue when he is moving forward and relaxed, which acts as a release or reward. The mouthpiece is curved, and it wraps around the bars and lips instead of pinching. Sweet iron mouthpiece oxidizes and encourages salivation.

  • Independent Side Movement
  • Sweet Iron Mouthpiece
  • Curved mouthpiece does not pinch lips and bars
  • Copper Inlay

Notes: The MB 04 provides an excellent transition from Level One to Level Two. It is suitable for a wide range of horses including green horses, experienced horses entering the Myler System, horses that have been ridden exclusively in a single-jointed mouthpiece, or horses that have not been ridden for a while needing re-schooling.

The combination bit is a hybrid of a ring bit, shank bit and hackamore. A purchase ring with specially designed connectors for the noseband and chin strap sits atop a large center ring where the mouthpiece is attached. The long shank combination bit has a flat shank with one rein ring. The mouthpiece slides freely on the center ring until it reaches a stop. The combination bit has the Independent Swivel Cheek.

The long shank combination bit uses five different pressure points to disperse rein pressure. Because the noseband and chin strap are connected through the purchase, when the reins are engaged, the horse first feels the nose, chin and poll pressure before he feels the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece can slide 1" before reaching the stop, where it will engage. The overall effect is to give the horse ample opportunity to respond to the rider’s rein signals, plus disperse the rein pressure over multiple pressure points rather than just the tongue or bars. The long shank offers two rein positions: the large ring and the bottom ring. The standard noseband is flat leather with knotted cord on either side. The chin strap is synthetic to avoid stretching over time.

Size: 7 1/2" overall length

Action: Indirect

Discipline: Western

Degree of Leverage: The Long Shank combination bit offers two different rein positions: the big ring and lower ring.

  • Big Ring = No leverage
  • Lower Ring = Mild

Notes: If you ride with your rein attached to the big ring, it will function only as a direct rein snaffle and not apply nose, chin, poll pressure as a combination bit.

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