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Quality That Performs
is not only an advertising slogan for SPRENGER, but also reflects the quality thinking that is lived by the family and the staff.

Herm Sprenger founded his company in 1872, starting with the production of spurs for soldiers which also has his regiments identification on them. Stirrups and bits were later added. Looking back at over a century of experience in manufacturing, an extensive market knowledge and collaboration with professionals from the fields of sports and medicine, research and design has propelled H.S. to world renowned quality, technology and advanced design.

SPRENGER has developed its special know-how about the anatomy of the horse's mouth in cooperation with the University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover. Our research center is continuously working on innovative products to further optimise the design and effectiveness of the dentures. Thus, in the recent past, not only bit materials specially developed for use in the horse's mouth (Sensogan), but also bit shapes have been developed, which enable uniquely precise reins aids (e.g. KK Ultra or Dynamic RS).

For the development of new stirrups, SPRENGER first contacted the Institute for Research and Development (FES) in Berlin more than 20 years ago in order to gain the most precise knowledge of the forces that actually occur during riding. The jointed stirrups developed by us in cooperation with the inventor Erwin Meroth are still today the epitome of a comfortable and smart riding excperiance.

In close cooperation with Klaus Balkenhol, SPRENGER has developed high-quality spurs that adapt optimally to the riding boot and meet individual requirements with a variety of designs.

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WH ULTRA bradoon 14 mm WH ULTRA bradoon 14 mm
Our Price: $207.40
Bradoon 14 mm Bradoon 14 mm
Our Price: $90.70
TURNADO bradoon 14 mm TURNADO bradoon 14 mm
Our Price: $133.60
KK ULTRA Eggbutt 18 mm KK ULTRA Eggbutt 18 mm
Our Price: $207.40
KK ULTRA B-Ring 16 mm KK ULTRA B-Ring 16 mm
Our Price: $238.40
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