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Lorenzini Italy Stirrups & Bits Italy - Available In Store

Lorenzini Stirrups made in Italy offer the best balance. They are inclined to allow for a natural foot position. The Lorenzini Titanium Stirrups are basic yet modern. The design of the foot board enables a solid anti-slip grip. The stirrups are heavier, which allows for easy retrieval in case the stirrups are “lost”. Users of the Lorenzini Titanio Stirrups have extra-ordinary balance of these stirrups.

These stirrups are made with a unique, patented design that is unlike any other. Professionally crafted with Aluminum and Titanium, these technologically advanced stirrups are sure to stand out above the rest. Aluminum and titanium are two extremely lightweight and durable materials. The lateral inserts of the stirrups are also made of titanium and are bio-compatible, suitable for safe and comfortable contact with the skin and coat of your horse. The Lorenzini of Italy Stirrups have a high and long-lasting mechanical resistance to stress and wear; the superior durability of these stirrups is one of the primary features that sets them apart from your everyday stirrups.

The knurled titanium tread on the Lorenzini of Italy Stirrups increases surface friction so that your foot adheres perfectly to the footplate and remains stable, ensuring maximum grip and stability. The sophisticated ergonomic design of these stirrups is made to allow fast and easy foot removal in case of a fall, therefore limiting the possibility of serious injuries. The Lorenzini of Italy Stirrups are also made with a practically triangular arch to guarantee high resistance to torsion. These stirrups will help you maintain the position of your leg, enabling you to ride more effectively and to train yourself how to correctly place your leg. Even if your foot slips out of the stirrup, their convenient design will help you keep your leg in place and will allow you to quickly and easily have your foot back in the stirrup. One Size: 5"