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English Girths

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CoolBack Girth Cover CoolBack Girth Cover

CoolBack Girth Cover

Made from our popular Coolback fleece, these girth covers help protect against chafing and keep leather girths looking like new. Without exception, CoolBack is the finest 100% polyester pile fabric on the market. Contains a special combination of resilient polyester fiber and denier to provide the best in protection, durability, and easy care. The more you wash it, the better it performs as an orthopedic product. EASY CARE: Machine washable and dryer safe. Standard length is 40" and width is 4". White or Black only. Made in the USA.

Our Price: $39.95

English girths are used to hold the saddle on a horse, but they're also available in different sizes and shapes. When shopping around for one, it's important to know what you need it for, because not all english girths are made for the same purpose. If you're looking for something that will fit on two horses–and if you're transporting your new purchase back and forth between them–you'll want a leather english girth that's made to be durable. But if you need something you can use with many different kinds of horses and don't want to buy more than one, then consideration should be given to purchasing an elastic-reinforced nylon english girth.

Brands of English Girths:

  • Ovation

  • Lettia

  • EquiRoyal

  • Roma

  • Prestige

  • TuffRider

  • Tough1

  • Perri's

  • Professional's Choice

  • Wintec

  • DeNiro and Pessoa

Other English Girths

The other English girths are just as important as the ones listed above. The average size is different because of the horse's body type, so you want to make sure it fits around his barrel without being too tight or too loose. You must also consider the colors and styles!

Here is a brief overview of those girths:

  • Average Size: 10-12 in. (25–30 cm)

  • Colors & Styles: Black, brown, tan; leather, nylon

The girth is what keeps the saddle on the horse, which means it is a safety item.

One of the most essential pieces of tack is the girth. The girth attaches to the billets on both sides of the saddle and holds it in place. It is important that, when riding, you have checked and tightened your girth before mounting. We will discuss how to adjust your girth properly at another time. Girths come in a variety of styles and materials. There are many different brands available on the market today. Try them out for yourself to see which one fits you best as a rider, your horse best as an athlete, and offers you peace of mind when riding!

Elastic Girths

Now, let's go over the elastic girth. These are quite popular, and they're usually used in dressage. They have elastic on each end of the girth, which allows for expansion as the horses chest expands. So that's their main advantage: they allow for movement without any constraint.

Fleece Girths

Fleece girths are made with anti-gall and anti-chafe fleece, which protects your horse's skin and prevents galls. Most horses have sensitive skin and need a fleece girth to keep their skin from getting irritated.

Girth covers

Girth covers provide cushioning and protection for your horse. If your horse is sensitive, a neoprene girth cover can help protect sensitive skin from rubbing and chafing. A fleece girth cover can be used on top of the neoprene to add an extra layer of comfort. Girth covers are typically used for schooling, but if you’re showing and need to remove hair from the girth area, use a fleece or wool cloth as a barrier between the coat and grooming product.

Dressage Jumping and Cross Country girths

Girths are available in a wide variety of materials, from synthetic to natural leather and canvas. While there are many types of girths to choose from, we will focus today on dressage jumping and cross country girths.

Dressage Jumping Girth

Dressage jumping girths have a simple design and come in black or brown. Most dressage jumping girths have elastic at one end for comfort reasons, as well as D-ring attachments for breastplates or martingales.

Cross Country Girth

Cross country girths are designed without elastic ends in order to provide extra strength when jumping big jumps like water trays, raised logs, and banks. They often come with a floating dee ring system so that the rider can easily attach different breastplate configurations while riding cross country. Some cross country girths come with neoprene lining which allows it to be more comfortable than other types of girths.